Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uschi Obermaier

Uschi Obermaier was born on September 24, 1946 in Munich, She is a former fashion model, actress and one of the protagonists of the 1968 left-wing movement in Germany.She is considered an iconic sex symbol of the so-called "1968 generation"
Now she lives in  Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles, working as a jewellery designer.

Uschi Obermaier was discovered by the magazine Twen. Thin and petite, but feminine, she represented a new type of model and posed nude from the front for the first time on a magazine cover.

In Munich, Obermaier was briefly involved with Pamir survivor Othello (a.k.a. Rudolf Liebzeit). Obermaier moved from Munich to the Berlin-based Kommune 1 after Rainer Langhans had become her boyfriend. Obermaier and Langhans talked openly to the media about their relationship, becoming symbols of the sexual revolution. Some commentators in Germany claim that John Lennon and Yoko Ono, among others, followed their example.Obermaier was not viewed by mostin the Ausserparlamentarische Opposition as one of their activists.She did not take part in radical feminist campaigns like other female members and friends of the Kommune 1. She was best known for appearances in German magazines Der Spiegel and Stern, in which she appeared nude and using marijuana.


Obermaier, had featured roles in several films. In "Detektive" (1968, directed by Rudolf Thome) she played alongside Iris Berben. She was the main protagonist of the movie Rote Sonne (1969). (Rote Sonne at IMDB). Together with Rainer Langhans, she had a small role in the movie Haytabo. She portrayed Marlene in the film adaption of the novel Blutrausch.

Life after the Kommune 1

In 1973, Uschi Obermaier fell in love with Dieter Bockhorn, the wealthy owner of a club in Hamburg's Reeperbahn red-light district. They traveled the world in a customized bus, first spending three years in Asia, then going to Mexico and the U.S. for another three years. Obermaier said in an interview (Galore, Issue 25) that reports that she and Bockhorn had a traditional wedding in every country they traveled in were untrue. They married only once, in India. Their relationship ended abruptly after ten years. Dieter Bockhorn died in a motorcycle accident in Mexico on New Year's Eve, 1983.+

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